1000 Visions Studio

About Us

There’s nothing more satisfying than the look on our clients’ faces as they flip through the pages of their wedding album for the first time. The smiles, tears, and laughter give us a purpose for what we do. But let’s cut to the chase. Why choose us?

The answer is plain and simple: we get weddings. We know exactly what you need and we give it to you. Within a span of 15 years 1000 Visions Studio has photographed and filmed hundreds of weddings. If there is anyone up to the task of capturing your special day it's us.

We know what some of you must be thinking...with that much experience they're bound to be old-school. Not to worry, though we have been around for many years, our work is still fresh, expressive, artistic, and by no means outdated. We make tremendous efforts to stay up to date with our photography-cinematography style and consistently seek perfection in our work.

Our experience combined with our creativity has contributed to our distinctive reputation of elegant and original style at an affordable cost. Working in harmony with our clients, we strive to ensure your wedding memories be captured in the way that suites you most – classic, candid, cinematic, or journalistic.